Wednesday 8 January 2014

Weight Loss is Simple

Many people struggle with weight loss, but it doesn't have to be this way. Weight loss is actually very simple. But to understand weight loss, we have to fully understand what makes us fat. Many believe that weight gain, or becoming fat, involves eating too much. Based on this logic they think that eating less will reverse this process and cause weight loss.


Weight gain is not caused by eating too much. This is the biggest mistake people make and the one that stops them losing weight. Weight gain is actually caused by eating the wrong foods. Not too much food, the wrong foods. Some of these foods are metabolic poisons and when incorporated into the diet they cause all manner of metabolic changes that leads to weight gain.

Weight loss is easy!

Understanding this makes weight loss easy. All we have to do is avoid the foods that cause metabolic problems and the weight gain they caused will be reversed. So what are these foods? Well we will come to that in due course, but first you have to change your mindset. It's time for a new way of thinking, a new paradigm.

The New Paradigm

In order for weight loss to be successful, it is important to forget calorie counting. Diets don't work because eating too much doesn't make us fat. The science behind this is clear. However, in order to successfully lose weight you must believe this to be true. I have heard it said that diets don't fail, people fail. But the opposite is true.  Diets don't work because calorie counting doesn't work.

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