Sunday 26 January 2014

Traditional Diets For Weight Loss

Health is not just the absence of disease. It is the possession of mental and physical vitality. One of the things that health brings is a lean physique that regulates its own calorie intake to maintain its weight. To be healthy we need to eat healthy foods that provide the nutrients the body requires, without ingesting metabolic poisons. If we deviate from a healthy diet, the result is metabolic dysfunction and weight gain. Therefore to stay lean all we need to do is eat a healthy diet and fat burning will take care of itself.

Do Not Believe Proven Liars

Successful long-term weight loss therefore means following a healthy diet. However, not many really understand what this means. The reason for this is because the medical, diet and food industries all have a vested interest in keeping us fat and unhealthy. These industries make huge profits from treating overweight people and there is no incentive for them to solve the problem. Their paid agents in the mainstream media deliberately confuse the public over the definition of a healthy diet. So do not trust them.

So What is A Healthy Diet?

If you have hard to shift belly fat, you almost certainly have metabolic syndrome caused by a poor diet. If you want to turn this around you need to know what to eat. Ask most people what a healthy diet consists of and they will say it involves cutting fat and cholesterol, eating complex carbohydrates and lots of fruit. Wrong, wrong and wrong again. Low fat high carbohydrate diets are bad for the health (here) and many traditional diets around the world contain very little fruit, and yet the populations have no incidence of cancer or cardiovascular disease, and are not fat.

Traditional Diets Are Healthy Diets

Traditional diets are historically old diets that are eaten by indigenous populations in particular geographical regions. Traditional diets differ all over the World. The Mediterranean, Okinawan, Huza, Eskimo, Norwegian, Australian aborigine and Masai traditional diets have been well studied. All the diets are different yet they all provide their populations with good health, lean physiques, and an absence of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Studies of these diets reveals commonalities that can be used to define the healthy diet.

Sugar and Refined Carbohydrates Again

No traditional diet contains refined sugar. In fact medical records show that when sugar alone is introduced to native populations eating traditional diets they get fat, real quick. Along with the weight gain and belly fat comes the associated cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Another common feature of the traditional diets is that when grains are present, they are unrefined and high in fibre. Introducing refined white flour to traditional populations causes them to get fat, real quick.

Which Traditional Diet Should I Follow?

The truth is there is no one healthy diet. Many combinations of foods can provide us with a high quality nutrition that can produce health. However, much recent research has highlighted the benefits of the Mediterranean diet in weight loss. Studies looking at the diet show that adhering to the diet causes weight loss without caloric restriction and without exercise. The diet contains meat from fish and fowl, and carbohydrates in their unrefined whole grain form. Green leafy vegetables, nuts and olives are also eaten freely. And best of all, plenty of red wine.

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