Tuesday 14 January 2014

Burn Fat By Eating More: The Dieter's Paradox

Most people find ‘dieting’ difficult. This generally stems from their inability to maintain a restrictive low calorie diet. After a few weeks, their appetites get the better of them and they ‘fall off the wagon’. When this happens, the foods they eat tend to be the foods that are bad. Sugary, high fat treats that go straight to the waistline and undo all the hard work. The result is weight gain and an associated feeling of guilt and failure that can lower motivation.

Forget Appetite Control

Therefore the first thing you need to accept if you wish to be successful in weight loss, is that appetite cannot be controlled. If you are hungry YOU WILL EAT! It’s as simple as that. Don’t kid yourself that you can go on forever feeling hungry. You can’t, nobody can, nobody ever has. The more you try to restrict calorie intake the more your brain will find ways to persuade you to eat. And your brain always always wins. Always!

Calorie Counting Doesn't Cause Weight Loss

This is why calorie counting doesn't work. Low calorie diets make you hungry and this means you will at some point start eating again. Sure you might maintain the diet for six weeks and lose weight. But after that time, you get hungry and the weight goes back on, plus more! Many people claim that ‘diets don’t fail, people fail’. But this isn't true. People don't fail, the diets they follow suck. If you want to lose weight long term, and keep it off, you have to stop counting calories.

So What Is The Trick To Weight Loss?

The trick to losing fat is to make sure you don’t get hungry. Curb your appetite and it becomes very easy to lose weight. Think of your appetite as a wild tiger. The more you starve it, the more chance you have of it turning round and biting you where it hurts. But feed it regularly and all it will want to do is sleep. This should be your number one rule for weight loss. ‘Never get hungry’. Remind yourself every day. Make it your mantra.

But Won’t I Get Fat?

You may think that eating regularly to stop yourself getting hungry is lame advice. ‘This is what made me put on weight in the first place’ you say. But you’re wrong. This is a fallacy held by most dieters. Eating too much food doesn't make you fat, eating the wrong foods makes you fat! And being hungry makes it more likely you will eat these bad foods. So eat healthy foods before you get hungry, and the chances of you eating junk food goes down considerably.

Eating More Burns Fat

So if you eat healthy foods before you get hungry you are much less likely to eat treat foods that make you fat. This will considerably increase your ability to lose body fat. But there is another benefit. Eating more can actually increase your metabolic rate. You see when you eat, your body releases the hormone adrenaline, which actually stimulates fat burning. So eating regularly, before you get hungry can actually cause weight loss. Let’s call it the dieter's paradox.

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