Thursday 16 January 2014

The Three Biggest Mistakes In Weight Loss

Trial and error is all well and good. We need to learn from our own experiences as this is how we developed as humans. However, with fat loss, trial and error is a long process and sometimes we want results fast. For this reason it’s sometime good to have a little advice to keep us on the right path. Therefore I have put together what I consider to be three of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose weight. Address these problems and you should be rewarded with faster fat burning.

1. Cutting Calories Forcibly

Your brain is a pretty stubborn thing. It kind of knows what it wants and doesn't like advice. In this regard trying to force it to take less energy than it thinks is needed is a bad idea. Guess who always wins? I’ll give you a clue, it’s not you. The way to lose weight is to eat healthy foods. When the body gets the nutrition it requires it naturally increases energy expenditure, burns fat and lowers appetite. This produces effortless weight loss without the need to cut calories.

2. Eating Low Fat Foods

Low fat foods are grow fat foods (here). If you want to seriously dampen your fat burning efforts you would be hard pushed to find a better way than by eating low fat foods. Low fat foods contain sugar, and sugar is a metabolic poison that damages your liver. The byproduct of this damage is a faulty metabolism and energy that gets trapped in the fat stores around your waist. If you want to lose fat you must cut sugar. This means ditching the gimmicky low fat foods.

3. Performing Aerobic Exercise

Most people instantly turn to aerobic exercise when they want to lose weight. This is a big mistake. Aerobic exercise can get rid of the fat we have under our skin, but it can't shift the fat we have around our waists. Only eating healthy food will remove belly fat. Aerobic exercise is also very inefficient at removing fat and can lower your metabolic rate. Save the aerobic exercise for fine tuning your physique when you're looking buff.

So What Should I Do?

Cutting calories, eating low fat foods and performing aerobic exercise are common mistakes. And they are some of the biggest reasons for failure. Find anyone trying to lose weight and you can almost guarantee they will be doing at least two of these things. If you want to avoid the pitfalls of weight loss, you must not count calories, eat low fat gimmicky foods or perform hour after hour of pointless aerobic exercise. To be successful you must eat healthy foods until you feel full. If you must exercise, perform high intensity work like resistance training or sprinting.

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