Monday 13 January 2014

Supermarket Foods That Burn Fat

Fat loss can be a slow process. Most people will lose less than a pound a week even if they make good progress. Therefore it’s always welcome to have a little help along the way. If you take a look in any health food shop you will see all maner of supplements that claim to burn fat. Some of these are pretty expensive. But what if you could buy cheap foods in the supermarket that could burn fat. Are you interested? Then read on.

Green Tea Burns Fat

The undisputed champion of supermarket fat burning foods is green tea. Study after study attest to the fat burning properties of the methylxanthines is contains. Black tea and coffee also burn fat because they contain similar methylxanthines. However, green tea isn't a one trick pony like coffee and black tea. Green tea also contains other substances including polyphenols that have been shown to cause weight loss.

Cayenne Pepper Burns Fat

If green tea is the champion of fat burning, cayenne pepper runs it a close second. Peppers contain substances called capsaicinoids that gives them their ferociously hot taste. However, as well as burning your mouth capsaicinoids also burn fat. That heat you feel after eating hot peppers is the body burning calories. If you don't like cayenne pepper, you can also put chillies in your food or eat jalapenos for the same effect.

Ginger Burns Fat

Ginger doesn't have the same thermogenic properties as green tea or cayenne pepper. Bit it’s still an effective fat burning tool. Ginger works to burn fat because it increases the heat produced after eating a meal. The more heat you produce after eating, the less calories there are to store as fat. Ginger is also a useful weight loss food because it decreases appetite and increases satiety. Fresh ginger or powdered ginger both work well.

Garlic Burns Fat

Garlic is another supermarket food that can burn fat. The chemistry of garlic is very complex and scientists don't fully understand the chemicals it contains. However garlic increases the body's ability to burn fat and causes weight loss. Garlic may also increase muscle mass which can increase resting metabolic rate. However, whole garlic is better than processed garlic. This is because the chemicals it contains degrade quickly once crushed. So buy it fresh and eat it quick.

So Which Food Should I Take To Burn Fat?

The answer is all of them. While individually they have all been proven to be good fat burners, when combined their effects should be magnified. The reason they will work better together is because they all have slightly different mechanisms of action. When you put them together the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts, and they produce some serious heat. Just make sure they don’t burn a hole in your shopping bag.

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