Sunday 7 June 2015

Nutrition On The Go

When you are next out and about, have a look at the types of foods you can buy as snacks. Most will fall into the category of carbohydrate based foods. Of these foods most are also refined. This is problematic because the manufactures of foods play on the laziness of the average man (or woman) and provide only low quality nutrition is convenience form. These types of foods have a long shelf life because they are filled with salt and sugar, and cost very little to produce. This increases the profits of the food manufacturers, at the expense of the health of the individual. The trick to beating this system that has been created is to prepare and carry your own foods. This is a route rarely travelled by the average man, and this can be seen in his waistline, and if it were possible, in the biomarkers for Western disease that course through his blood. Many people even carry over their laziness to their home life and consume processed ready made junk foods in the evening. Breaking this habit can be hard, but it will do wonders for your health.
In fact carrying your own snacks can also save you a considerable amounts of money, because processed convenience foods tend to be expensive, as well as being poor nutritionally. So what alternatives are there that can allow the avoidance of consuming junk convenience food? Well, nuts and seeds with dried fruits are a healthy alternative to sweets and cakes, because they provide high amounts of protein, fat and fibre. Because they taste sweet, thanks to the fructose in the fruits, they are highly palatable. Meal replacement powders aimed at athletes are also excellent nutritionally, and when mixed with milk or water are actually very palatable, and can often taste as good as any chocolate milkshake. Hard boiled eggs are a picnic tradition, but they are underused in daily life and are an excellent source of protein and essential fatty acids if free range varieties are chosen. They also posses their own packaging that negates the need for waste. Combined with fruits they can provide the basis for a highly convenient meal.

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