Saturday 28 February 2015

Five Easy Things You Can Do Now That Will Cause Fat Loss

Most people view fat loss as a chore. This is because they are locked into the false paradigm that states that fat loss can only occur through a calorie restrictive diet and through hours of aerobic exercise. Many people never leave this mindset and as a result fail in their endeavours to improve their body composition because they cannot stick to their regimen. The science behind fat loss is equite clear. It is perfectly possible to lose fat and improve the body composition without the need to restrict energy intake and without the requirement for aerobic exercise. Weight gain is caused by eating the wrong types of foods, not by eating too much food. It therefore stands to reason that if we eliminate these foods by substituting better alternatives, weight loss will ensue. And this is very well evidenced in the nutritional literature. So here are five dietary changes that you can make, that take minimal effort, that will cause improvements in body composition through a decrease in body fat or an increase in lean skeletal muscle.
Avoid Sugar, It’s a Metabolic Poison
Sugar contains a molecule of fructose, and fructose causes insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is in turn a driver of weight gain and obesity. Cutting sugar from the diet is the single most important step in weight loss and the long-term avoidance of sugar is pivotal in successful long term weight loss. Consuming sugar on a calorie restrictive diet will hinder fat loss because the underlying insulin resistance will generally remain as long as sugar is consumed. Low fat processed foods that remove fat and replace it with sugar are obesogenic junks foods.
How Much Protein Should You Eat? All of It!
High protein diets cause weight loss. The reason for this is various. Firstly, protein is the food component that determines stomach emptying rates. As a full stomach causes satiety, protein is a satiating food. Protein also provides nitrogen for building muscle and this allows the maintenance of a positive nitrogen balance that prevents muscle breakdown and favours muscle growth. As muscle determines the resting metabolic rate, high proteins diets are conductive of increased energy utilisation. Protein is also the macronutrient least likely to be stored as fat.
Eat Full Fat Dairy Foods
Those people who eat the most dairy have the lowest body weights. This has been shown time and again in the nutritional literature. Dairy contains a number of fatty acids that may improve insulin sensitivity and thus decrease fasting insulin levels. As insulin is a driver of fatty acid synthesis in the liver, and an inhibitor of fatty acid oxidation, lowering fasting insulin levels is pivotal in fat loss. Dairy also contains calcium which may have weight loss effects by inhibiting the absorption of fat. The ability of dairy products to sit in the stomach for hours following consumption always makes them highly satiating food.
Swap Grains for Beans
Beans have a number of weight loss properties. Firstly they are high in protein and difficult to digest which slows the transit of food through the stomach and causes satiety. Secondly, they are very high in fibre, and this can slow the absorption of glucose to the blood, lowering insulin levels and thus inhibiting fatty acid synthesis and increasing fat oxidation. The fibre in beans can also be fermented in the colon, producing short chain fatty acids which increase satiety. Lastly beans contain enzyme inhibitors that slow the digestion of starch and further lower insulin levels. Substituting grains for beans therefore improves the chance of fat loss occurring.
Drink Green Tea
Green tea is a weight loss food. The weight loss effects of green tea relates to three components it contains. Green tea is a good source of catechins, polyphenols with antioxidant effects. These catechins may inhibit glucose absorption from the gut, lowering insulin levels. Tea also contains L-theanine, an amino acid that reduces anxiety and stress. As stress is a possible cause of overeating L-theanine may lower the risk of eating the poor quality foods that lead to weight gain. Lastly, the caffeine, L-theanine and catechin content of green tea work synergistically to increase energy expenditure and cause fat oxidation.

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