Thursday 3 July 2014

Hold The Sugar, Sweetie Pie

It is a fact that some fruits are bitter tasting. Rhubarb is one example, but there are others such as damsons and lemons. The temptation when cooking with such fruits is to add sugar to the recipe to counteract the bitter taste. However, the addition of sugar to foods such as rhubarb, especially if cooked in a pie with white refined flour, will likely negate the benefits brought by the nutrients in the fruit. Addition of custard adds more sugar and eating these types of food regularly will not improve your health. An option would be to use other fruits to sweeten the bitter fruits. Using cream instead of custard will also lower the sugar content of the food. If these options are too daunting, and you absolutely must eat sugar sweetened fruit and custard, make sure you consume the meal containing the foods after a workout. This way the fructose in the sugar will be much more likely to be converted to liver glycogen and much less likely to be converted to fatty acids.

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