Saturday 15 February 2014

Meal Preparation Aids Weight Loss

Tinned mackerel is a good source of protein and long chain fatty acids.

Meal preparation is a vital aspect of weight loss. However, it’s a forgotten tool. Controlling what you put in your mouth is imperative if your fat burning efforts are not to be in vain. If you're out and about and don't have access to your own food supply, you fall at the mercy of the food industry and their salty sugary junk foods. Snacking on the food that you can buy in convenience stores, cafes and restaurants means you will end up fat and unhappy.

Junk Food, Junk Body

Most mainstream shops sell junk foods only. Sure there is the odd speciality shop that caters for the healthier individual, but generally shops sell to the masses. Most convenience foods are filled with sugar and salt and have little in the way of nutritional value. If you rely on foods you can buy when out and about you will seriously hamper your fat burning efforts. To get lean you must prepare your own foods and by-pass the food manufacturers junk.

Failing to Prepare Is Preparing to Fail

The forgotten art of meal preparation is a key aspect of successful weight loss. By taking control of your own food supply, you not only control when you eat, you control what you eat. This prevents addictive disease causing foods entering your food supply and helps maintain correct metabolic function. It also provides a supply of food to eat BEFORE you get hungry, because as we know very well, hunger should be avoided at all costs if fat burning is a priority.

What Meals Preparation Involves

Meal preparation can be as simple or as complex as you requires. If you wish to pre cook meals and take them with you, this is perfectly acceptable. However, meal preparation can be as simple as buying some nuts and fruit and packing them in your bag. There are many foods such as nuts, seeds and dried fruit that can be easily carried and used as required. Certain tinned foods such as fish, and supplements such as whey protein can also be prepared in advance.

Don’t Forget Your Supplements

Many people buy supplements and never take them. I might be wrong, but I am pretty certain that supplements don't have an effect unless you actually take them. Going away for the weekend and leaving your supplements at home will do you no favours, and is pretty lame. Some supplements such as vitamin C are water soluble and this means then must be consumed everyday. Packing your supplements is therefore important if you want to stay healthy.

Meal Replacement Powders

Meal replacement powders (MRPs) can be a great way to get good quality nutrition on the go. Although aimed at athletes, MRPs contain high levels of proteins and are usually supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Just make sure you get a brand that doesn't contain simple sugars, but which has polysaccharides as the carbohydrate source. Throwing a couple of sachets of Met-Rx in your bag the night before a trip can really take the sting out of meal preparation.

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